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Impala Sports Australia

Cricket in Australia is a matter of pride, and Impala Sports upholds this aspect with quality and innovation. Impala Sports are specialists in creating the state of the art cricket apparel, incredible hand crafted cricket bats and robust cricket sports gear in different sizes. With the spirit of cricket alive, we thrive to deliver the best products with the highest quality standards in mind. Impala Sports have persevered in every task at hand and continues to develop its craftsmanship for more innovative and ingenious cricket sports products.

Impala Sports is proud to bring you the whole bat making process straight from our factory. Our master bat craftsman Robin Younan with over 25 years experience takes you through each step to show you what separates our bats from the rest. Please make sure you share this video so your friends can see the process.

The engineering in the design process not only gives the cricket bat an incredible look and appeal, but also benefits the cricketer with its magnificent performance. The complete process of designing and crafting a quality Impala Sports bat in done with all the important factors in mind. The aerodynamics of the bat, its rebound factor and the grain count is deeply studied and the bats are passed only after thorough quality assurance. Our cricketing bats not only look and feel good in your hands, but also perform exceptionally on the field.

It is a continuous endeavor of Impala Sports to create a line of cricket sports gear which is not only marked with top grade but also pushes the boundaries of innovation. As the world of cricket modernizes with several changes in the gameplay and strategies, the essential cricket products such as bats and other cricketing gear also need redesigning and remodeling. Impala Sports are proud of its decades old traditional style of manufacturing and supplying quality cricket sports gear, but breathing the futuristic styles into all of our products along the way.

However, we understand how important keeping in pace with the present is, thus evolving our cricketing products with new methods of manufacturing, modernized quality goods and the highest standards of raw materials. With the constant invention of new and more advanced material that goes into the manufacturing of our cricketing sports gear, Impala Sports assures no compromise in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

We take pride in serving our customers all over Australia since 1972, keeping the tradition alive and blooming. With no compromise in the quality of our cricket gear, Impala Sports has been a proud cricketing partner for more than 40 years. In our years of crafting quality cricket products, Impala Sports has mastered the art of bat manufacturing. With the highest quality of willow and all the right techniques, Impala Sports has been crafting bats that are highly acclaimed by professional cricket players.

Impala Sports have made its way into the international cricketing world as many top notch international cricketers prefer our bats. Impala Sports bats understand the importance of a well crafted bat and how important it is for a cricketer. Our cricket bats don’t only have all the traditional qualities of the ideal cricket bat, but also boast a fresh and innovative approach to the design and aesthetics which have been created for the modernized game of cricket. A serious amount of research and study goes into the crafting of a cricket bat by Impala Sports.